Senior E-commerce Expert and Management Consultant

Working with e-commerce means working in a young genre where who is in charge of business always is struggling with control. There is an ongoing challenge to understand the relations between business strategies, development process and the actual business outcome. My mission and expertise is to create sustainable processes between all functions needed to get predictable outcome from your strategies.

+16 years ago I started in the "beginning of Internet" helping many small business owners to success. Since 10 years I work with major e-commerce companies in the Nordics. Along theses years I have been covering roles like Product Owner, Chief Product Owner, Change Officer, Project Manager, Management Consultant, UX Manager and Agile Coach. I have had leading roles in big platform changes and I have delivered several e-commerce projects on time.


- Product Owner, Chief Product Owner and Change Officer
- Project Manager and Requirement Specialist in very complex e-commerce projects
- Management Consulting and management team member
- Agile Coach and design of development and requirement process with JIRA design
- UX Manager
- Web analytics, usability testing and A/B-testing strategies and conversion optimization
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and strategies
- Copywriting and content strategies
- Recruiting and HR-branding strategies
- Design of issue tracking systems, intranets and extranets. From idea to production.


- LensWay (e-commerce)
- Lenson (e-commerce)
- inkClub (e-commerce)
- (e-commerce)
- (e-commerce)
- (e-commerce)
- Bergsäker AB (Construction)
- Sälenkonferens (Conference)
- Fjällkonferens (Conference)
- Sibir (Vaccine refrigerators)
- Ulfsunda Slott (Conference)
- Vagabond (Media)
- Redaktionen förlag (Editorial)
- Carlsberg (Brewery)
- Världens resor (Travel)
- Äventyrsresor (Travel)
- Markem-Imaje (Printers)
- Twilfit (Clothings)
- Grönsakshallen Sorunda (Food)
- And more

Roberto Capotondi har även skrivit flera böcker inom områdena management, ledarskap, rekrytering och fotbollsträning och är invald medlem i Sveriges författarförbund (ca 1000 aktiva medlemmar): Chefens bästa vän, Rekrytera själv, Anställa första gången, Elaka chefens goda råd och Sundbybergsmodellen.

Böckerna kan du läsa mer om och beställa på eller på sajten om Sundbybergsmodellen

Roberto Capotondi

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Roberto Capotondi,
e-commerce expert

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